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The domains in which Embitel has expertise are: With 100% test coverage, risk is theoretically reduced to zero, but the cost increases exponentially.However, without testing, application risk increases tremendously.But sometimes you may not be allowed access to the developer’s internal tools, or their process may not meet your tracking needs.It helps to have a few suggestions in your back pocket.Conventional application penetration testing focus on vulnerability classes described in OWASP or WASC standards like SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF etc.It is required to create specialized penetration testing framework tailored towards E-Commerce applications that should have following features: Some of the vulnerability classes covered as part of E-commerce penetration testing are listed below.Over the past decade, E-Commerce applications have grown both in terms of numbers and complexity.

Embitel has On-shore and offshore testing capabilities right from code reviews, Functional testing, regression testing and writing scripts to implementation of fully automated testing.The most common mistakes that make Web applications susceptible to attack are: Many users of the file-sharing website were unaware that the sensitive data they uploaded was searchable.Expert Michael Cobb explains how ...continue reading The libpurple library contains a code execution vulnerability that affects the IM clients that were developed using it.Like any computer system, website analytics shouldn’t be trusted until it has been verified.Many parts of a Google Analytics implementation are easy to verify: Nobody really minds if you go to their website and click around random pages, looking for pageviews and link tracking.

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A single application failure at a crucial point is costly to rectify and can impact the wider business.

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