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this series of papers no attempt will be made to give a detailed description of the whole coastal vegetation of the South Island. properly commences; but it must be pointed out that this limit is at best but a very artificial one. Similar conditions are also afforded by tidal rivers, along whose banks coastal formations extend inland.

That was three days ago though, before those most mischievous of masters, the cricketing gods, decided to serve up a delicious triptych of increasingly thrilling matches.

The sound of an earthquake will be deafening in the steep, forested valleys of the West Coast.

Birds will be rattled from the trees; The gentle pitter-patter of rivers silenced by the noise of rock being torn from the mountains, cascading into the valleys, stripping trees from forests.

First, an old classic – as Pakistan resorted to self-parody to switch from woeful to wonderful and overturn South Africa.

Second came throwback Thursday as Sri Lanka rolled back the years to shock India, before the pièce de resistance – Bangladesh’s stunning slaying of New Zealand in Cardiff.

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As for these latter, only those will be described which I have had some special opportunity of examining during the last few years. Regarding the term “coastal vegetation,” it is not generally feasible to set any hard-and-fast limit as to its boundaries. (at that time Minister of Marine), for the opportunities thus afforded of visiting some little-known places on the coast and many of the adjacent small islands. Bollons, who assisted, me in every way possible to carry on my work, my most hearty thanks are due. Here it need only be pointed out that rocks of diverse lands occur—volcanic, granitic, calcareous, sandstone, shale, &c.

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