Newsequentialid error validating default

When marshalling data into entities, you can validate data.

Validating data allows you to check the type, shape and size of data.

These types of rules are often referred to as ‘domain rules’ or ‘application rules’.

Cake PHP exposes this concept through ‘Rules Checkers’ which are applied before entities are persisted.

The fields with errors will not be present in the returned entity: Validation rules are defined in the Table classes for convenience.

This defines what data should be validated in conjunction with where it will be saved.

Using the NEWSEQUENTIALID() function can be faster than using the NEWID() function.To create a default validation object in your table, create the , many applications also have more complex validation that should only be applied after basic validation has completed.Where validation ensures the form or syntax of your data is correct, rules focus on comparing data against the existing state of your application and/or network.1.:newsequentialid 函数比起 newid 函数最大的好处是:如果你在一个 UNIQUEIDENTIFIER 字段上建立索引,使用 newid 产生的新的值是不固定的,所以新的值导致索引B 树的变化是随机的。而 newsequentialid 产生的新的值是有规律的,则索引B 树的变化是有规律的。有规律和无规律就会带来性能的改进。 2: UNIQUEIDENTIFIER做主键(Primary Key)是一件很方便的事情,在数据合并等操作中有不可替代的优势但是由于普通的GUID的分散性使得如果主键加上聚集索引(Clustered Index)会导致在插入记录时效率大大降低SQL SERVER 2005中新增了一个NEWSEQUENTIALID的函数,MSDN的解释是:在指定计算机上创建大于先前通过该函数生成的任何 GUID 的 GUID。NEWSEQUENTIALID() 不能在查询中引用。您可以使用 NEWSEQUENTIALID() 生成 GUID 以减少叶级别索引上的页争用。 使用例子: create table #dd(fid uniqueidentifier NULL DEFAULT (NEWSEQUENTIALID()), fname [nvarchar](20)) insert into #dd(fname)values('dddff') select * from #dd where fid 2.如何设定DEFAULT VALUE为NEWSEQUENTIALID()通过UI的方式设定默认值时,由于SQL SERVER 2005的BUG(即使是SP2也没有解决),导致我们设置了默认值为NEWSEQUENTIALID()保存时会出现以下错误:Warning were encountered during the pre-save validation process, and might result in a failure during save.

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I haven't seen anyone use raw SQL to create tables since the late 90s.

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